Government 3.0 Summit

Employing information and communication technologies to deliver smart government services for the digital society

Who should attend?


The impact of the digital revolution has resulted in significant change throughout government. However, the speed of change is lagging well behind that of the commercial sector.

While there have been many proven ICT solutions implemented into government, we must strive harder to keep up with rapid technological advancements, new methodologies and increasing public expectations. Policy-makers are facing huge pressure to interact with citizens more efficiently and make better decisions in the light of data flooding in all forms and sophisticated ICT and analytics methods. In this digital era, delivering better solutions using technology and data analysis can help us drive better efficiency, service quality and cost savings

Government 3.0 is a new paradigm for government operations! It is about delivering customised public services in a creative manner by opening and sharing government-owned data to the public. It is also about encouraging communication and collaboration between government departments. Government 3.0 is about making the government more service-oriented, competent and transparent, thus pursuing the happiness of citizens.


Government 3.0 Summit: Our objectives

This Government 3.0 Summit will be a collaboration and learning platform to progress government’s ICT agenda and develop attendees understanding and practical knowledge of current and emerging ICTs and the possibilities they present to better serve digital society. The summit will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of information and will deliver insights into successful ICT initiatives overseas and at home.


The summit has been designed for leaders within the government, public sector and local government who will attend to learn, network and contribute to the discussion.


Themes and topics will include:

  • Successful digital transformation
  • Meeting the expectations of the digital age
  • The power of open data – how standard’s software and data can foster the necessary change for IT innovation
  • Avoiding data for data’s sake!
  • Adopting a strategy and culture of experimentation for disruptive technologies
  • Risk management and GDPR
  • AI, Robotics and Drones
  • Creating transparent, accountable and accessible digital platforms and data
  • Identity: The driving force for enabling digital transformation
  • Empowering public sector IT leaders
  • Building digital skills and culture within government
  • Harnessing disruptive innovation
  • Digital content management


Who should attend?

Job titles will include:

Chief Information Officers
IT Managers
Network Managers
Principle Officers and assistant principle officers
Business Transformation Managers
Data Managers
Heads of Digital Transformation
Open Source Leads
IT Solution Leads
Programme Directors
Technical Architects
Web Developers
Transformation Programme Directors
HR Managers

From central government, local government, agencies and state bodies